Advanced and proven automation solutions

ddr systems over the years has supplied advanced and proven automation solutions and concepts which have brought and will bring added value to the internal logistics and production processes of it’s customers. Our solutions are mainly based on our own products/ manufacturing and/ or existing products and technologies.

As a result of that we deliver made-to-measure solutions that will keep our customers one step ahead of their competition. In order to achieve this, we always strive for an as early as possible participation in a project. In this way, we can help building towards the strategic objectives within your company.

Satisfied and happy customers is our priority number 1 within our company!

Projects contracted to us by relationships which repeatedly entrust their business to us since many years, that is what ddr systems stands for! Often we are asked by our customers to join them in their projects, very regular also Internationally.

Obviously we want to keep it that way: that is the exact reason why we continuously seek new innovative solutions which can ultimately make up “the” difference for our customers.