ddr systems mission

To supply solutions to the industry which are delivering the largest competitive advantage possible

DDR systems has a mission which is focussed towards it’s 4 largest stakeholders: the customers, employees, partners and suppliers and last but not least the society. Focus on our Corporate Social Responsibility has been explicitely put on the map within DDR systems.


• At all times give an independant and no-nonsense advise fully focussed on delivering added value to our customers.
• Offer a continued stability and continuity towards the customer by offering an open and transparently well organised service.
• At all times offer the best solutions and products, fully based on proven technology and specific know-how within DDR systems of the customer and it’s processes, including the market which she is servicing.
• State what we will do and execute what we have stated.


• Secure a business environment where our employees van develop themselves fully within the given framework and besides this offer a environment where employees can exploit their creativity to the fullest. Within DDR systems entrepeneurship will be encouraged at all times.
• Warrant a business culture which rests on pillars like respect, support, loyalty and flexibility towards eachother and our customers.
• Mold a team of motivated employees, in which each share a commonality in the within the team applied technology.
• Offer a clear career planning and on a continued basis facilitate and stimulate the personal development of each individual employee.

Partners and Suppliers:

• Facilitate a win/win and with this assure both parties will reinforce each other.
• Warrant exchange of knowledge in all area’s.
• Be a reliable partner.
• State what we will do and execute what we have stated.
• Society and the Environment:
• Corporate Social Responsibility.
• Contribute to the Environment.
• Develop and deliver sustainable solutions.