What drives us as a company

Our enthousiasm and drive for automation, out total package solutions and our clients is more then reflected within the 3 “P’s” or better put the core values within DDR systems: passion, partnership and performance.


All of us are very proud of our company and what it stands for.
The passion that hangs in the air at DDR systems is more then infectious. Within all aspects, we truly embrace our projects here. As the things we take upon ourselves, we want to do that really well. In this manner this means that everybody can be proud of the work we deliver, time in time out.
Our customers have to get their solid advice in time, have to be able to start-up their projects within the agreed upon planning. DDR systems will go the extra mile if and when necessary, but at the same time we at thoise moment will not forget to keep spirits up amongst the participants within the project.


At all times our focus is geared for 100% towards satisfied customers.
The largest part of our activities is pointed towards customers which for years have entrusted the execution of their project to DDR systems and/ or it’s connected exclusive partners. Our business exists as a result of our satisfied customers and obviously we would like to keep it this way. This is the exact reason why we constantly strive and work towards new and innovative solutions which will make THE difference for our customers.
Above all it is about working with people, internally and externally. We are more then aware of this. We therefor focus on maintaining that trust, given to us for many years in a row which also grew us internationally.


At ALL times, whatever happens, we will do what we have said.
To conclude projects or give the correct advise, irrespective of the complexity, is what we are about at DDR systems. With more then 30 years in industrial automation we have always been in a position to within the shortest possible timeframe and against the highest possible Return on Investment design, build and integrate better systems, to then maintain and over time even improve these systems during it’s lifecycle.
To be able to optimally perform at those moments, we always start with delivering towards what we have agreed. This sounds very easy, but it is exactly this what separates us from the other players in the marketplace.