Sustainable automation solutions

The success of an automation project depends to a large extent on your selection of the right partners from the early star of the project. ddr systems is an internationally respected organization that supports its customers from start to finish to realize their automation objectives. We have an extensive project experience of more than 30 years which we have collected in modular building blocks. This helps us to design, integrate and service automation solutions in a much faster, cheaper and better way.

Succesfully concluding our projects time in and time out, to us is a "way of life". This "passion" you will see in every employee or partner. No "passion" to ddr systems means no "click" and as a result not being "part" of our "way of life".

(Turn-Key) Automation solutions for internal Logistics

ddr systems supplies (Turn-Key) solutions for the following applications:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Packing Systems
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Retrofit
What not everybody knows: ddr systems = Logistics

ddr systems is a specialist in the automation of your logistical processes. To our core competencies we would count:

  • integration (ERP/WMS/MES)
  • Material Flow Control (MFC)
  • Warehouse Control System (WCS)
  • Low stock level controls (PLC/Scada)
  • Control and Switchgear manufacturing
  • Electrical and Mechanical Installation
  • Hardware engineering

With ddr systems you can count on advise, (re)design, implementation and 24/7 support during the whole lifecycle of your systems. ddr systems has made a deliberate choice as far as it’s focus to scope of services is concerned. We are specialists in upgrading or new automation systems (retrofit or optimalization), but for projects for the majority including equipment we count on our partners of that equipment. ddr systems in those cases, will act as a sub-supplier for the electrics, controls and automation on behalf of the equipment suppliers.

ddr systems ensures that the PLC/SCADA/PCS/DCS systems of the various well known system suppliers are properly deployed to achieve the requested functionality needed to efficiently manage and control the logistics. We posses the know-how, expertise and solid back ground information to automate logistics.

Last but not least we are well known for our integrations of our controls systems with the upper systems (WMS, ERP and depending on software used, MES).

Food industry
Breweries & beverages
Feed industry