Feed industry automation solutions


DDR systems is involved in system integration and plant design and does so in a series of specific industries such as the food industry, when you decide what you would like to produce, then we will take care of all automation and installation of systems involved; so that you can use the same in focussing on your core: production of the end-product. 

In our blood 

We are more then aware of the importance of food safety, quality, quick delivery, hygiene and integrity of installations. We always design and implement our industrial automation and MES solutions including the all important connection to your ERP system. We will warrant that ‘tracking and tracing’ become reality and that recipes are managed efficiently. 

Plant integration

Plant integration is close to the very “hart” of your company. Because in your production, where 9 out of 10 times every thinkable third party is looking over the shoulders of your employees, this is still exactly where the money is earned. Therefor within your production, things have to be quick, efficient, cost effective and above all safe. Bottom line: things need to be automated well. 

Next to that DDR systems can execute: 
  • Control and Switchgear manufacturing
  • Electrical and Mechanical Installation 
DDR systems know-how

DDR systems stands solidly on 2 feet in the Food Industry and knows as no one else what it takes to implement solid automation solutions. With her long year’s experience, amongst others HACCP, DDR systems is always ready to serve you. Whether to maintain allready implemented systems of to train your employees or to supply a turn-key automation solution. 

Automating your production

DDR systems ensures that the PLC/SCADA/PCS/DCS systems of the various well known system suppliers are properly deployed to achieve the requested functionality needed to efficiently manage and control the production processes. We posses the know-how, expertise and solid back ground information to automate processes like “batch processes” or “discrete processes”, conforming to ISA-88 or IEC1131. 

We automate to help you operate your production!