Asset Management in your process environment

It is essential to control all technical assets in a company to utilise these valuable investments to the maximum. This may include everything from the production equipment to utilities to lighting and HVAC.
With control of your processes and high productivity of your process equipment you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Core activities

Proper implementation of asset management is a complicated matter. It comprises the management of all your process equipment, setting up a well-organised maintenance program, information management and efficient maintenance. Within all the below listed area’s of expertise, DDR systems can consult you:

Asset management
  1. Reliability engineering
  2. Maintenance engineering
  3. Maintenance consulting
  4. Productivity consulting
  5. Training en coaching

DDR systems is a reliable partner who will, together with yourself, think through your overall processes. Where necessary supported by external consultants or interim managers. We also have an in-depth knowledge and experience in acquiring data from your procesautomation. As a result we can propose all our improvements of your processes on actual facts.

We advise you, based on the following methods:

  • IMME (Industrial Maintenance Management Evaluation)
  • CMMS
  • Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Scans en audits
  • Implementation of Asset Management Software
  • Toolkit subcontracting
  • Outsourcing/ Industrial Services