Using energy consciously

Lowering your energy consumption is the first step towards a more sustainable prodcution. By introducing a series of limited adjustments you can save costs immediately. Increading awareness in relation to energy usage, around your employees will contribute to a cost reduction. On top of that DDR systems can fine tune your inslalations and/ or processes, also resulting in a further efficient reduction of energy consumption.

Investments with a high ROI

We are convinced that companies have to operate sustainably to remain competitive in the long-term. We would like to be of service with a phased approach in order to limit your energy consumption:

  • An initial scan where we will map the energy consumption and the interrelations between your systems and processes.
  • A visual check of leakages and other shortcomings of your installation.
  • Creating measuring points in order to reach a zero point measurement, for later reference.
  • A thorough analysis with suggestions for optimising your installation, including a ROI calculation.
  • A permanent follow-up and constant measuring after the first implemented adjustments in order to enable us to evaluate seasonal influences and and downtime losses, This is then to be translated in a further finetuning of the initial adjustments.
  • We ensure you that your production is not affected at all during the possible interventions and business can continue to run as usual.
To measure is to “know”

Thanks to our vast experience in automation we know the best methods and means for selecting, measuring and registering important information. Our process know-how ensures that we are able to view your installation as a whole and to protect its functionality, so that you will be able to produce more using less energy and raw materials.
Based on the measurement results different types of reports are generated, showing the analysis of data and recommendations. For each intervention we will predict the expected result is predicted to then be checked afterwards. In this way you can be sure that your energy consumption really reduces.