No E&I is no Automation

Each automation project influences your direct process and production environment in your plant. DDR systems can also handle (and very capable so with its own experienced team of both engineers as well as “blue collars”) all the required modifications to the electrical and instrumentation (E&I) part of your process plant.

All construction, testing and factory acceptance (FAT) is carried out in our own workshop in Voorde-Nivove.


We use Eplan in all our engineering designs. We use it to create models, drawings and documentation, so that you have a clear view of the intended result immediately.

We build cabinets for:

•    control panels
•    electrical cabinets (MCC’s)
•    instrumentation
•    we install the required equipment needed for all communication, such as junction boxes in the working environment. We also supply the remote I/O cabinets

Even for your IT challenges

Also for your IT infrastructure we pre-assemble, we deliver cabinets to mount all IT equipment. By all means we will also install these cabinets on your site.

ALL manufactured and installed by DDR systems.