MES: your conventional link to ERP

A MES system will increase the output and efficiency of your production processes as production and plant managers receive more targeted information about production and planning.
Your production process will be synchronised with the supply chain, sales planning and even your business objectives.

Interface between ERP and PLC/ IPC

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES), is a flexible way of managing the information flow from the production floor to your ERP system:
•    your information and reporting requirement are growing
•    you want to avoid manual or duplicate data input
•    you want to optimise your production and maintenance planning
•    (changes to) legislation require tracking & tracing
•    you want greater flexibility in your short-term planning
•    you would like to submit information before you make the actual delivery

Our independant position and consultancy

We work with a wide range of suppliers and can link to all ERP systems. We can therefore provide you with independent consultancy based on many years of experience with MES, process control systems and instrumentation.

Because we identify your needs very clearly before we start, the MES is always tailored to your needs, so that your system also complies with all the regulations applicable.

What is going on?

With an MES in place you have a complete picture of what’s happening in your production process. By linking to your ERP system, for example, you get a real-time picture of what’s happening on the production floor:

•    resource allocation
•    tracking & tracing
•    quality improvements
•    document management
•    maintenance planning
•    productioncycle management
•    analysis of current production in relation to planning
•    process management
•    operational planning of the production process
•    etc.