SCADA: to see what is going on

Using a SCADA system, DDR  systems converts the complex processes of your PLCs into a visual representation. This will allow your operators to control their production environment centrally from a simple operator friendly dashboard. Even if problems occur, they can be often resolved by entering instructions via this dashboard.

Only relevant information

A SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system allows your production managers to control all operational business processes via a simple user interface. We make sure that only relevant information appears on the dashboard, to guarantee optimum control of your production lines.

Solving production hick-ups quickly

DDR systems SCADA systems can do more than visualise production and warning for potential problems. Because additional information is stored in the system, your operators can resolve most problems from their respective displays.

Linking MES with SCADA

We can base your SCADA on any type of PLC and, where appropriate, link it to a higher-level MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or any other computer system.