Maintenance during the lifecycle of your system

A well organised maintenance plan will warrant a higher level of availability of your system, maintenance cost will be optimized and your valuable assets will keep their value for a longer period. More and more of our customers therefor enter into a partnership with DDR systems to, during the lifecycle of the system after start-up, subcontract the maintenance of their system to DDR systems.

Service Level Agreement

Obviously you can decide to enter into a SLA (Service Level Agreement) with DDR systems. In this way you will know exactly when the planned maintenance will take place and as a result of that how unplanned system shut-downs are reduced as much as possible. The result of this method is that unexpected cost, like unplanned maintenance or process shutdown cost, are prevented. Because DDR systems understands your production often better then others, we are in a position to enter into the most effective SLA quickly and efficiently to then in a very targetted manner take on your maintenance tasks.

Keeping your investments stable

Good maintenance is profitable. When designing new installations or renovating projects a well-considered maintenance process is standard. To preserve the value of existing installations for as long as possible, we offer:

  • regular preventive inspections
  • regular preventive maintenance, including the replacing of worn-out or process interrupting (hardware) parts and not “up to speed” control
  • software through a fragmented plan retroffting this subject control software or hardware
  • pre-agreed reporting in regular intervals
  • permanent 24/7-monitoring and “shadow” of your control systems on our servers at DDR systems HQ to in this manner warrant that a quick re-start of your production can be warranted
  • a representable balance between preventative and corrective maintenance, through which only the necessary parts are exchanged and as a result an economical maintenance plan is secured.
Maintanance: do it yourself or subcontract?

Production lines and factories nowadays are more and more connected to external systems, like other IT-systems. As a result of this first line maintenance is being made harder and companies are more and more using external contacts who have all that specific know-how as a standard part in their core-business; like DDR systems. A growing number of companies is using our solid know-how to:

  • as an example train their own maintenance staff to the required level,
  • or, at the moment this is required on a 24/7 use the DDR systems know-how to help their techical staff on the moment this is necessary in a way which is demanded by the type of problem at that moment.